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Q: Do I have to be really fit to join an expedition?

You must be in good general health, and you should be able to walk several hours per day. The expedition is ship-based and physically not very demanding. Although we spend as much time as possible on shore, you are welcome to remain aboard the ship if you like.

To join most excursions, you must be able to get up and down the steep gangway from the ship to the water level to board the Zodiacs. Staff will assist you in and out of the boats. This will become progressively easier with practice. On shore it can be slippery and rocky. We will be traveling in remote areas without access to sophisticated medical facilities, so you must not join an expedition if you have a life-threatening condition or need daily medical treatment.

Any major health problem or physical condition that requires emergency care must be brought to our attention prior to the voyage. In order to let us know about health problems, please fill out our Personal Information Form, which you will receive from us at time of booking. This form must be completed and returned within one month after booking. Since we travel in very remote areas, a medical evacuation by air is often impossible.

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